Increasing adoptions for our "no kill" shelters.

Who we are:     PetMatch by PetsInDanger Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the U.S. EIN#: 47-3149814

Our Mission:      To raise adoption and volunteer rates for our "no kill" shelter partners

Our Goal:          To control our adoption listings to eliminate puppy mills and backyard breeders.  This will help save the lives of over 5 million dogs and cats who are euthanized annually across North America. 

Our Methodology: Our unique core competency is our ever-growing network of high school, college and university student interns and volunteers who repost our adoption listings on their social media platforms. 

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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Meet Our Team

Steve Hughes


A long-time animal rights activist, vegan and animal shelter financial supporter, Steve founded PetsinDanger for one purpose: to be a leading force in the prevention of the euthanasia of 4.5 million dogs and cats annually in North America. Steve has a strong belief that prevention is the cure of the epidemic of pet overpopulation.

An experienced and recognized keynote speaker on animal advocacy and veganism, Steve presents a highly informative and entertaining speech with a powerful call to action at conferences, fundraisers and other forums in Canada and the U.S.

Lyrel Robinson

Communications Coordinator

Lyrel is involved in putting content on the PetsInDanger website as well as our social media pages. She is a graduate from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor in communications and a life-long animal lover.

Tranpreet Kaur

Liasion Intern

Tranpreet is currently studying business administrative with a specialty in finance at University of Guelph Humber and even though she has completed her required internship hours she decided to stay on longer to dedicate her time towards PetsInDanger's mission. She hopes to attend law school upon finishing her bachelors degree and she is grateful to PetsInDanger for better equipping her on what she can expect in the "real world".

Jenna Smith

Education Coordinator

Jenna Smith is our Education Coordinator developing our latest project, “Youth 4 Animals” that encourages youth to work collaboratively with their community to stand up and raise awareness for the prevention of puppy mills in Canada. Jenna is currently pursuing her Master’s in Education in Adult Education and Community Development with the University of Toronto, focusing on innovative community development through non-profit organizations, workplace learning and social change.

Linda Parker

Development and Administrative Coordinator

Linda serves as the development and administrative coordinator for PetsinDanger spearheading database-building, managing day to day administrative tasks and initiating outreach to our extensive animal rights/vegan community.

Linda recently became a rescue pet owner for the first time and brings “Mica” to the office each day in a supervisory capacity.

Kyle Cheropita

Director of Multimedia Operations

Kyle is a Toronto-based multimedia producer and a vital member of the PetsinDanger team. Kyle handles podcast editing, video productions, production managements, script development, photography and voice-over narration.

Bogdan Smal

Director of Technology Communications

Bogdan is a tireless and patient IT/tech specialist who designs, builds and manages our web presence. Bogdan also co-manages the organization’s impact across all social media campaigns.

Elizabeth Nguyen

Communications Director

Elizabeth is a Media Studies and Journalist graduate from University of Guelph-Humber. She has focused her activism on practicing the boycotting of companies that test on animals. Elizabeth manages the social outreach aspect of PetsinDanger and loves to connect with like-minded people to help make society cruelty-free.

Nicole Sheth

Public Relations Intern

Nicole is currently taking media studies and Public Relations at the University of Guelph-Humber. She has been helping spread the word about our Youth4Animals “Opt to Adopt” Educational Challenge Series through management of our social media platforms and helping build publicity through online blogs and developing relationships with like-minded organizations.

Krystal B

Community Relations Director

Krystal has a long history of animal rescue and shelter support. She currently has 5 dogs and two cats, all rescues.

Her position involves the building and maintenance of our growing network of student intern and volunteers which is the basis of our "mass collaboration" program to organically promote our adoption listings.

Krystal is also working hard on bringing the highly successful "Hotel Pet Foster" program to a prominent hotel in Palm Beach County.