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Meet Kiwi

I'm Kiwi the little chihuahua dachshund mix and I'm so excited to enjoy the world around me. For almost 8 years, I spent my life inside of a small crate inside someone's home. I was never taken for walks, held or petted. My crate was my bathroom, sleeping area, and eating area. Humans weren't very kind to me.

When the day came that someone finally reached in to touch me, I did the only thing I knew to protect myself - bite! I wasn't sure what would await me outside of the only tiny world I knew and I didn't know what it meant to have a hand coming toward me. Thankfully, the human was patient and persistant and finally got me out of the crate. I was given a temporary home where I learned to trust a little more and enoy life outside of a cage and learn what it is like to not be imprisoned.

Now, I'm looking for my forever home. A home where I don't have to worry about crates again. I would prefer to be baby gated into a small room where I can feel secure or better yet, just stay home with you all day! I know how to go potty outside now but if left alone for long periods of time will still go inside. I do love to go outside and love the grasson my feet! I get along great with other dogs and I love attention. I probably wouldn't do well with a small child because I get very nervous when backed into a corner and I will resort to the only protection I know--snapping! My rescuers tell me that there are wonderful humans out there. Humans capable of loving me and being patient with me and touching me with a kind hand. I want that kind of human. I want to be free with you to be a dog and learn what it means to be loved just as I am.


Not good with children










Palm Beach County, Florida